Jaguar F Pace Launched in Mumbai-India Today

The aggressive performance SUV :

Jaguar is ready with it’s all new 2016 Jaguar F pace SUV crossover. This happens to be the first production performance SUV by Jaguar. This SUV is a perfect combination of power, comfort, and luxury. This vehicle is built for every kind of pavement and road and is the best you can get from Jaguar on today’s date. This is the Jaguar for your family offered by the Jaguar family.

jaguar_f-pace_2Price : 68.4 Lakh (Ex. Showroom)

Whats under the hood?

The Vehicle comes with a 3.0 Turbocharged V6 221 kW Diesel Engine. The vehicle roars out its thirst when given a decent rev. The Jaguar F Pace also comes with a 2.0 4 cylinder Turbocharged Diesel Ingenium engine. The vehicle comes with an automatic transmission and you can even drive it manually through the paddle shifters provided at the Steering wheel. The vehicle is delivering dynamic fuel economy with the all new Ingenium Diesel Engine.

2016 Jaguar F-Pace Features:

The vehicle drives in with an All surface Progress control and Adaptive Surface response. It enables you to drive through the variety of pavements and hence keeps you spell bound with its unbelievable driving aesthetics. Vehicle comes with a most comprehensive interior leather choices, and hand suited and hand stitched leather of premium quality which might give you an ultra luxurious feeling.

jaguar_f-pace_6The vehicle warmly welcomes you with the interior mood lighting. You can make yourself comfortable and change the atmosphere by switching through the variety of interior lights and make the occupants wanting more of this luxury. Apart from all this, there comes this huge panoramic roof which allows you to enjoy the rain and still not get wet. It comes with an Electric blind as standard. This allows plenty of light to peep in the vehicle and hence gives you a cleaner look at the F pace’s interior. There comes an option for the Fixed or sliding panoramic roofs.


Rivals :

Although Mr. Rohit Suri says that there will be no rivals for the Jaguar F pace Crossover, there a few chances that people might not get convinced with that statement. Rivals at present might Include The BMW X3 which comes with a 2.0 4 Cylinder Turbo Diesel Engine and which comes with a price tag of minimum 47.5 Lakhs. Apart from that there comes Audi Q5 in the row with 2.0 as well as with 3.0 powerful Diesel engines and which is bought for a minimum price tag of 55 lakhs.

Although there being vehicles out there for a competition, the Jaguar F Pace has its own mark. Its unique in all kinds and obviously happens to be a tamed monster.


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