World’s first 3D Printed electric motorcycle weighs only 35kg

AP Works, A subsidiary of the aviation conglomerate Airbus which has been known only for making aircrafts now forays into the revolutionary 3D printing arena through it’s subsidiary AP works and comes out with an outstanding product dubbed as the world’s first 3D printed electric motorcycle. The whole bike is printed using 3D technology except for a few rubber parts like the tires.

Nicknamed as the “Light rider” standing true to it’s name, This electric bike weighs only a mere 35 kgs.

Back to the time when AP works announced that it had been working on a special alloy called as the “Scalmalloy” an extraordinary combination of Scandium, Magnesium and Aluminum. The company had also been very keen on showcasing the material’s talent and what it is capable of.

The 3D printing field has gradually seen it’s improvement from making small toy action figures and now a whole operational 3D printed bike. That’s innovation and progress combined with the brilliance of all the scientists who worked very hard in achieving this goal which in turn aids for the growth of the field and also creating more job opportunities.

The specialty of this 3D printed bike is that it is almost lighter by 30% than the conventionally manufactured electric bikes. It houses a 6kW motor and has a top speed of 80 Km/hr and can sprint zoom from 0 to 45Km/Hr in just an eye popping 3 seconds. The frame of the bike weighs just a measly 6kg and it’sexo-skeleton like design language is attributed to the factor of withstanding the everyday loads and stresses thrust upon it and also being extremely lightweight at the same time. This was actually made possible by using a special algorithm called the Selective 3D laser printing method. This necessitates melting tiny particles of aluminum alloy combined.

This remarkable electric motorbike has a very simple and minimalist circular headlamp, a flat handlebar, a single saddle due to it’s limited capability of carrying extra load, spoke wheels and off road tyres if one were to take it to the mountains since this design slightly mimics the BMX design. The bike engages a front telescopic fork suspension and a rear mono shock suspension. The disc brake at each wheel takes care of the braking abilities.

However, Considering the fact that the electric bike is very light, One cannot expect it to be light on their wallets too. It is priced at a staggering$56,000 (around INR 37.75 lakhs) plus taxes. One has to first join the waiting list which will set you back by around $2,450 (around INR 165,218) Only 50 examples of these will be ever made.

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