4-year-old controlling Volvo FMX : Video of the Day

Today’s Video of the Day has been on the internet for a few days now. The video is another commercial for Volvo trucks! For those who are not in the know, Volvo is known for its series of commercials for his heavy duty trucks which include some very bold stunts. Remember Van Damme’s epic split between two Volvo trucks. This commercial belongs to the same series.

This time Volvo has gone a step ahead. The video shows the Volvo FMX truck controlled by a remote control to go through concrete walls, slopes, etc. Sounds simple? But it cannot as we are talking about Volvo. The twist lies in who is controlling the truck. The remote control is in the hands of a 4-year-old girl named Sophie. Sophie gives the truck the worst time of its life but the truck does not care. It is programmed to run under any circumstances.

The commercial starts with Sophie describing her experience. Some other things follow but we are concerned with the time when the truck is started. The remote control is in the hands of Sophie and she revs the truck repeatedly. What follows next is something mind bobbling!

The truck starts moving and hits a cargo box swinging on a pendulum. But, the Volvo FMX does not seem be affected. Sophie waits for a while and then starts again. The truck then drives in mud, on grass goes through light dynamites and finally in a pond. After getting out of the water, the Volvo FMX does a 360 degree flip and starts moving ahead after back on the wheels. Sophie then makes the truck to go through a concrete wall and the FMX does.

The commercials showcases the excellent build quality, waterproof underbody, traction control, on-demand all wheel drive, front impact resistant bumper, etc. After seeing the video the Swedish manufacturer’s claim, that the Volvo FMX is the toughest truck they have ever built, seems to be true.

Enough of description, look at the video below and amaze yourself. Happy Motoring! 🙂

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