5 modifications for your Hero Impulse to make it even better

The Hero Impulse was launched way back in 2013. It was kind of a cult bike. This comes classified under the Dual-Sport class. Meaning, It is a street legal motorcycle which is designed for both on-road and off-road use. Not a very practical bike for the daily commute or use, but was a hit among the people who wanted to take their bikes for off-roading and ride it on the mountain plains. But climbing mountains with the small 149.2cc engine is was a big task. The Motor puts out 9.7kW of power which is sufficient but not enough. Here are some few suggestions on how to improve the performance of your bike.

Air Filter

Aftermarket Air filter

Aftermarket Air filter

The first basic modification to any moving vehicle is to add an air filter to increase its performance. Manufacturers like K&N house air filters for this very same purpose. The pores in the air filter allow extra air to be sucked into the combustion chamber through the air intake pipe which in turns supplies extra air and boosts performance.

Free flow exhaust

Free flow exhaust

Free flow exhaust

   Of course, An addition of a free flow exhaust will definitely help in aiding the process because the extra air sucked in has to be let out and the space inside the factory stock exhaust definitely won’t be enough since the manufacturer would have designed that specific exhaust keeping in mind the stock air intake parameters.

Carburetor Up jetting

Rejetting Carburator

Rejetting Carburetor

   Up jetting your carburettor is the most important aspect of modifying your bike. This process will make sure that you derive the maximum potential out of the modification which will be done on your bike. The process involves changing the size of the main jet in the carburettor to a bigger size so that the proper Air/Fuel Ratio (AFR) is being maintained. Earlier, when we spoke about adding a free flow filter to the bike, It will mean that there is now extra air making its way into the combustion chamber and also reduce the ratio of fuel being used inside. This will definitely cause problems for the bike In the long run by burning the valves which will translate into bigger repairs.

Engine Guard

Adding engine guard definitely will save your bike upon the event of a crash or minor accident especially when off-roading. If the bikes fall on one side, the guard will take the full impact and bars it from transferring to the engine which could result in costly repairs.

Professional Suspension Setup

A professional suspension setup will definitely be necessary to counter in all the extra power being generated by the bike. The factory suspension designed by the manufacturers especially Hero Moto Corp. is great nonetheless but still, Adding a setup from a reputed manufacturer will definitely go a long way in increasing the performance aerodynamically.  

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