5 Things You Should Not Do While Driving a Vehicle With Manual Transmission

While driving a manual transmission vehicle, there are some things yo should always avoid, these are some usual and common manual transmission driving mistakes which most of the drivers do. They may be regular drivers or cab drivers or car owners. This 5 habits may prove to cost you a lot of money and also reduce your vehicle life.

1. Resting your hand on the gear shifter: 

Hand shifting the gear stick

Hand shifting the gear stick (source)

Most of the people have a habit of resting their hand while driving on the gear shifter. Make sure you only touch the shifter while you are shifting gears. otherwise, your hand should be on the driving wheel. People have a habit to drive single-handedly, but having both the hands on the driving wheel, makes sure you have the total control of your vehicle in your hands. This can result in premature wear of the transaxle shift forks.

2. Halting your vehicle in a gear:

Halting vehicle in gear

Halting vehicle in gear (source)

People are used to stopping at signals or halt at shops or at any halting points and have a habit of leaving their vehicle engaged in a gear. This causes unnecessary wear of the clutch plates and gears. Always shift your car in neutral at signals and halting stations.

3. Resting your foot on the pedal:

Resting foot on pedal

Resting foot on pedal (source)

People are used to resting their feet on the accelerator or clutch pedal. This causes unnecessary wear of the clutch plates. Other than that resting your foot on the clutch pedal doesn’t let you have total output because the foot on the clutch pedals doesn’t allow the vehicle to engage the gear totally, this results in extreme wear of pressure and clutch plates.

4. Rev-matching your vehicle on slopes and avoiding breaking:

Downhill driving

Downhill driving

While on a steep climb or hill, make sure you don’t keep playing with the clutch pedal and the accelerator. Most of the people avoid using the breaks in such situations. Keeping the accelerator and clutch pedals engaged, you don’t have an option to but your foot on the pedal. When you want to make a stop on steep climbs, then make sure you are using your breaks and not the accelerator pedal. You can also engage the hand break and then launch the vehicle while you want to leave. This avoids the vehicle to slip back.

5. While in a higher gear be lazy to downshift: 

Wrong gear driving

Wrong gear driving (source)

Most of the drivers have this bad habit of doing this, while in a higher gear they refuse to downshift the gears due to laziness. This causes the RPM of the engine to drop down significantly, Never drive at lower speeds while in high gears. This causes lugging of the engine because you floor the engine and then accelerate hard to get it back to higher RPMs. Don’t be too lazy to do that, just downshift and accelerate. In sh scenarios, you can also skip the gears and rev match rather than floor the engine so much.

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