ABS ; Working & Importance

This is the first edition of AutoGyaan by AutoColumn. We will be coming up with different features and processes in your vehicle that you need to know about, every Thursday. For the first edition, we have selected a very important but equally underrated feature in cars and now a days in bikes too : Anti-lock Braking System. (ABS)

Working :

In technical terms, Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) helps the wheels of a vehicle to maintain traction with a driving surface during full braking. When we apply full brakes in an emergency situation the wheels get locked, stop rotating and loose the traction with driving surface and hence become unable to respond to driver inputs.The highest level of braking pressure is at the moment when the wheels get locked and car starts to skid, ABS reduces the pressure as soon as it detects the wheel is locked and therefore, the breaking pressure is always at the optimum level. Hence, ABS reduces braking distance of the vehicle on slippery as well as dry surfaces. It also helps the driver to control the vehicle while braking as the wheels do not skid and continue rotating so that the steering wheel can function. ABS has speed sensors on each wheel, these sensors detect the speed of the wheels. When they find one wheel moving slower than the others, the valves reduces the hydraulic braking pressure on that wheel and hence the car can be controlled as all the wheels are moving at the same speed. Likewise, if it finds one wheel moving faster than others the pressure on that wheel increases.

Importance :

Growing population has resulted in increasing traffic on the roads. Moreover, companies launching entry level low budget vehicles and cheaper loans are the other reasons for increased traffic on the streets. The streets due to this have become unsafe. About 1,25,000 people die in road accidents every year in India. Indian roads are considered to be the most unsafe roads for driving. India has accounted the highest number of deaths in road accidents. One accident happens every minute and one death in road accident takes place every 4 min. Around 40% of accidents can be avoided by using ABS and 50% of deaths can be reduced by Airbags. India will become the third largest automotive market in by 2016. But, the Indian market has still not understood the importance of safety features like ABS, airbags, etc. We aim at saving that extra Rs.50,000 or Rs.1,00,000 and ignore these safety features. But, not anymore. We have to understand the value of lives. We have to realize that someone is waiting for us when we are driving on the most unsafe roads in the world.

This is a video that shows importance and working of ABS in the simplest manner. Hope at least one of you consider buying a vehicle with ABS after reading this article. Happy Motoring!

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