Benelli 750cc stripped Sportsbike Images leaked – Looks copy of Ducati Monster

Italian Bike producer Benelli is looking to revamp it’s product line-up and establish a fresh face for itself in the cut-throat market to make a name for itself in the arena. DSK ( D S Kulkarni Group) Benelli, as it known here in India, Is to Reportedly launch a 750cc sportsbike soon to scorch the tarmacs in India somewhere around 2017. 
Benelli 750cc naked bike

Benelli 750cc naked bike

Slightly Mimicking the Ducati Monster, The modern sportsbike is to mark it’s arrival in the 250-750cc segment. The ambiguous bike has been code-named “BJ750GS”. It will be housing an all advanced twin-parallel engine with DOHC (Dual Overhead Camshaft). It is being speculated that the engine will be producing nearly 100 bhp of power. This sports-bike will be bridging the space between the TNT600i and the TNT899. This motor will also find it’s way into an array of models being produced by the Italian manufacturer. 
This bike has been built on the famed Trellis frame. Manufacturers like KTM also use the same structure for their bike models. Unlike the Signature “pipes under the seat” by Benelli, The placement here has been given a different touch in the conventional way by installing it nearby to the rear wheel. The Suspension components have been developed by Marzocchi, A manufacturer from Italy. The seats though look as they can fit one person “comfortably” Even though it’s been designed for two people. The swing-arm is of twin-tube type which results in more sturdiness for the power being produced and also for better absorption of bumps on the road. Other features include the Standard LCD screen as the speedometer, ABS etc.
Benelli 750cc naked bike

Benelli 750cc naked bike

Benelli is currently owned by the Chinese “Qianjiang” group. They do believe that this brand has excellent potential and is looking for a breakthrough to hurl the brand into the limelight and also make consumers aware of it’s capacity and potential. Volvo, Now owned by the Geely group based in China has also given Volvo a new lease of life. Expecting something similar to happen in this case. Fingers crossed! 
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