Bentley Continental GT hits 332 kmph: Video

Launched just an year ago, the Bentley Continental GT boasted of a topspeed of 206 mph but few were daring enough to test that out. So Bentley themselves decided to prove it to the world and in style!

The Continental GT is powered by a W12 6.0 liter Twin-Turbo engine which produces and earth shattering  635 PS of power and 820 Nm of torque. This propels the 2.3 tonne(2312 kgs to be specific) car to 206 mph or 331.525 kmph! and it just took 76 seconds to go from 0-331 kmph!

Take a look:

At top speed it covered 92 meters a second and nearly 4700 liters of air goes through its radiators.

The Continental GT used for this run was production spec and driven by veteran racing driver John Bowe who has two Bathurst 1000 wins to his name. Bentley traveled all the way to the Australian outback on a highway called the Stuart Highway which divides Australia in two vertical parts and runs an astonishing 2834 kms.

Stuart Highway is also well known for hosting the World Solar Challenge in which college students and big companies strive to better their previous records.

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