The Best Hosts Of Car Shows Globally.

Even if you are a car enthusiast or an ordinary guy, there are some names in the industry which you ought to know if you have a television set at home. Even if you put up Discovery channel at any random time in a day, then there has to be a chance you would see Top gear or The Fifth gear TV series.

Once you are on national television then, there are things such as fame, distractions and glamour. Apart from everything, there is only one thing which takes you up the stream and up in the Industry, and that is knowledge. Knowledge is the shortcut to success you can take and here are some kings of cool who have a hell lot of knowledge about cars, maybe even more than all the Wikipedia pages out there.

These are the names of some bad-ass people who really are the kings of cool. Every car enthusiasts know them and they have achieved such great things that no car guy would ever think to do that. They are the Best Hosts of car Shows and men with a lot of courage. Let us know who they are and find out more about them.

Jeremy Clarkson :

Jeremy Clarkson

Jeremy Clarkson. (Source)

This man is known as the Top Gear man and is an English Broadcaster. Formerly known for presenting the BBC top featured show Top gear with Richard Hammond and James May. Starting his career as a local journalist, and he ended up being a famous personality because of the Top Gear Show from 2002.
Since 1990 he started being recognized personality due to his regular appearance on British television and on car shows as a presenter and even as a guest on other car shows. He also writes a weekly column for The Sunday times and The Sun.

Top Gear times

Top Gear times.(Source)

His humorous yet practical words and a sweet spoken tongue. His unique way of presenting and flaunting that British well-polished accent of his makes it more appealing to the viewer.

Richard Hammond :

Richard Hammond

Richard Hammond. (Source)

This again happens to be one of the best trios in the world. Again one of the Top Gear hosts and a bad-ass driver. Again a British presenter on television who happened to have motoring interests and hence known to everyone for co-hosting the Top Gear Program by BBC.

Hammond in his original form

Hammond in his original form. (Source)

Hammond was once a great headline for the world, due to his car crash and he was in the coma after that. Later when he recovered, there was a show by Top Gear saying welcome the Hero. After that episode, Hammond requested not to mention about the crash on the show ever again, although his mates didn’t take any efforts to listen to that.

James May :

James May

James May (Source)

Last among the Three Musketeers, this is a British presenter and a man who was known because of his appearance in Top Gear from 2003-2015. May served as a journalist and ended up being with Clarkson and Hammond due to his motoring interests.

He now happens to be the direction of the production company W. Chump and sons. James May has presented various other programs on various topics of science and technology, toys, wine culture etc. He also wrote a weekly column for The Daily Telegraph’s motoring section in 2003 – 2011.

Tiff Needell :

Tiff Needell

Tiff Needell, (Source)

Apart from the Top Gear guys, this was a British racer who also presented for Top gear and as well as for Fifth Gear. He Raced first raced in driving school at Brands Hatch in 70’s, then progressed to Formula Ford and then Auto sport Magazine and won his first Vehicle in that. With that scale of progress Needell managed it to enter the British Formula one champion ship and also in Belgian Gran Prix. Although making only one entry in the international race, he is still a Racer for the world.

The stig in the top gear is played by Mr. Needell is what rumors said, but anyways it was revealed then as Ben Collins. With his experienced words and a cunning smile on his face, it is great to see him driving.

The Top Gear Guys :

Top Gear trio

Top Gear trio. (Source)

These three have a bond so unbreakable that when Clarkson was denied to renew the contract in 2015, even Hammond and May refused to renew their contracts and these guys have now a production company for the production of The Grand Tour for Amazon video.

With three of them leaving, people are now being dicey whether Top Gear will survive without them. These guys will be missed for sure. A day wont be enough to watch all of their videos and yet you wont get bored to watch them again the next day! It truly is a treat to the eyes watching these guys together.

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