BMW i5 Coming In 2018?

BMW i8 delivery in Germany

The BMW i8 has already reached India and while the famous German carmaker hasn’t yet revealed plans to bring even the i3 to us, it is keeping a close eye on our marketing conditions to evaluate the possibility of bringing the i3 to us. Now, thanks to a recent report in the latest issue of AutoBild magazine, it seems like we might just get lucky enough to have another i car from BMW. While the idea of BMW bringing the third model in its i brand to our country might sound a bit far fetched at the moment, what is pretty much for sure is that at least the west might get to drive home an all-new i vehicle in the near future.

Speculated to be called the i5, the upcoming model will sit between the i3 city car and the i8 performance electric-hybrid vehicle. Powering the rumoured BMW i5 might be a plug-in hybrid powerplant, which could be very similar to what we can see in the BMW 5-Series GT hybrid concept. This system comprises of a petrol engine with 218 HP (160 kW) of maximum power, and two electric motors wth develop 150 HP (110 kW) and 272 HP (200 kW). The combined output for the BMW i5 hybrid car could stand at a very impressive 640 HP (471 kW).

The report in the AutoBild magazine goes on to say that the upcoming vehicle in the BMW i series of hybrid models will share its platform with the long wheelbase BMW 5 Series sedan that is built exclusively for the Chinese market. Quite obviously, the i5 will look sufficiency futuristic and might share a few design elements with the next generation 7 Series sedan. The report also mentions that the i5 could be almost the same size as the current BMW 6 Series GranCoupe sedan.

Please Note: BMW i8 picture used for representative purposes only

Source: AutoBild Magazine via BMW Blog

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