Bora Could Be The Name For Upcoming Volkswagen Compact Sedan.

What could be the unmerciful sign for any car manufacturers is naming their car irrespective to its appearance or structure. Likewise, Volkswagen has been in a complete state of dilemma for naming their new car.

Many say that the newly made one could be called Bora. What makes the buyers or even the manufacturers feel more interesting about Volkswagen is that, every car that represents Volkswagen and the name it has, some cordial relationship with speed.

While the new beast is internally known as ICS or Indian Compact Sedan believes that it can assure every buyer that their entire needs can be drafted with the added specs and features of this VW Bora.

VW Bora Rear Angle

VW Bora Rear Angle

Volkswagen already has what it says is a provisional name for the car-Bora. The most serene part is, Volkswagen named Vento to their earlier made car and the name went international. The other is that, like many Volkswagen car is been named after a wind. Bora, a strong, dry, cold North East wind flowing in the upper Adriatic, Aagean sea can fit in with Polo influenced by the Polar wind; Vento meaning wind in Italian; Jetta named after the Jet Speed.

Interestingly Bora has also been used for a car before, by Maserati in 1971, and it was the Italian sports car company that actually started the trend of naming cars after winds. The most decisive wait is that, Volkswagen is also Derby, again a name it has used before and one that seems to have a nice ring to it.


What pushes the buyers to the next level is, Volkswagen is also looking for names of Indian winds. If the name of the wind is International, chances of Volkswagen new made one can go very viral; but with the new thought of placing an Indian wind name can also fetch as much as buyers as the country stands second in the population next to China. Sounds really interesting right?

Source: Autocar India

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