Bugatti Veyron successor with 1500+ ps in the works

What many know as the fastest car in world, the Bugatti Veyron, is now a decade old, which is like 50 years in the ever changing technological world of automobiles. Bugatti is planning to make the successor to the hypercar and, wait for it, it will have over 1500 ps (around 1480 bhp) on tap!! The car will max out around 286 mph (461 kmph) thanks to a 8.0 lit W16 engine.

The engine is the same as the one in the Veyron, but will be heavily worked upon by the smart people at Bugatti. This engine, along with hybrid configuration will produce the rumored 1480 bhp. The engine will not make the car go faster alone and needs clever aerodynamics, even better power delivery which becomes a great task over 150 kmph!

An insider says “Five developmental prototypes with different powertrain combinations have been made ready till now. They are based on the Veyron but have enough new tech to be considered for a new model”

Bugatti-Calibier Shown For Representation


The production could be limited to 450 units, similar to the Veyron. We have noted down a few Veyron Fast Facts for you to ponder over about this technological marvel:

  • At full throttle, the tires will burst in 15 minutes due to immense friction and heat generated.
  • But you need not worry about crashing because of this as the car will run out of fuel in 12 minutes at full throttle.
  • VW and Bugatti loose $6 million on each car sold!
  • The air brake of the Veyron if engaged, is like crashing into a rigid wall at 120 mph in a normal car.
  • The fuel pump works at 8x of that of a normal car drawing fuel from the fuel tank, which takes 8 days to put together and weld.

The Hennessey Venom GT dethroned the Bugatti Veyron as the fastest car in the world when it clocked 270 mph. With John Hennessy planning a new faster car, the Venom F5, we petrolheads are sure in for a treat in 2016!

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Source: Autocar UK

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