Donuts on Ferrari F1 cars – Video of the Day

The 2015 Finali Ferrari event at Mugello became a memorable one. Ferrari decided to end the event in an unusual way. The Italian manufacturer decided to organize a Formula 1 car show with four of their cars driven by drivers such as Vettel, Raikkonen, Genè and Gutièrrez. Our Video of the Day for today features this event.The video is taken by Marchettino and uploaded on the official YouTube channel. Thank you, Marchettino for shooting these priceless events.

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The video starts with all four cars taking their positions on the track. Blink you eye and the GP has started. Yes, it looks like a GP. The sound those cars make is too soothing. The hybrid V6s make a melody which everyone loves. The video also gives us the experience of being in the pit stop. The pit scene is shot too closely to get the complete feel of the moment. The service is done in a couple of seconds. The race begins again with the same drama.

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This dramatic race comes to an end after sometime and that will look too disappointing. But, the best part is saved for the last. The video ends with a scene which packs more drama than the entire race. One of the cars starts doing donuts and the it gets covered in smoke after just two or three rounds. But, that was not all. The other car starts doing the same. The entire area gets covered with smoke.

Find out the rest in the video below. There won’t be much as almost everything is mentioned above. 😉

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