Ford introduces Active Glove Box Knee Airbag on the 2015 Mustang

If you get into an accident in car with conventional airbags, your upper body will be just fine but your knees and feet will hurt the most. Active Knee airbag is already present  in automotive industry from 18 years, but this time Ford has worked extensively on it and has revealed how to prevent knee injuries and save design space at the same time. Its called the Active Glove Box Knee Airbags.

Ford will introduce this technology in the 2015 Mustang and it will be the first car in the world to have this on board. As the feedback comes in from the customers, Ford will add the glove box knee airbags to all the other models in their entire portfolio.

Active Glove Box Knee Airbags is basically a bladder which fills up with gas when the car`s computer detects a collision. The bladder is sandwiched between the outer and the inner glovebox panel. As the bladder inflated, the outer panel is freed from its joints to the inner panel and is pushed towards the passenger. The bladder provides the cushion while the outer panel provides some support to the passenger by addressing a much larger area which provides more safety.

2015 Ford Mustang knee airbag

2015 Ford Mustang knee airbag deployed

This airbag is 65% lighter than the conventional design is very neatly integrated into the design element of the car. Since it is so small and light, it barely affects any design element or hampers the cars physics in any way. The conventional airbags are made of woven fabric but Ford decided to go with an injection molding airbag as a way forward.

2015 Ford Mustang safety engineer

2015 Ford Mustang safety engineer

Ford is sure this will enable designers and safety engineers make cars in the future more safe and better for all passengers. Ford made this possible by extensive research which included Ford being granted 15 patents (and a few more pending) for the system to become a reality.



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