Four Things You Need To Know About Your Car Servicing.

What is servicing?

Why is it needed?

When should it be done?

Where should it be done?

 First of all, what is basic servicing?

Car Servicing

Car Servicing. (SOURCE)

Servicing is nothing but the timely maintenance of vehicles. It generally includes regular oil change, other than that several changes include the replacement of parts such as the air filter, spark plugs, fuel filter and also tuning an engine as per the owners use. It also includes inspection of tyres, timing chains the rear view mirrors and washing of the vehicle.

Car Washing

Car Washing. (SOURCE)

Servicing a vehicle after specific distances traveled and that too keeping a record of km traveled proves to be a good habit and will make you a happy car owner.

Why is Servicing needed?

Service station

Servicing required. (SOURCE)

Servicing or maintenance is essential for the vehicle as it will ensure long life of a vehicle as well as it keeps the vehicles fuel consumption regular or at least under control. Delayed service dates may result in engine lock down or at times will result in the deterioration of vehicles mileage. It might also result in untimely breakdown of the vehicle in some cases.

Untimely Breakdown/ Engine Failure

Untimely Breakdown/ Engine Failure. (SOURCE)

Break failures, electrical faults, starting issues are some of the usual side effects which might occur in future due to delayed or irregular servicing dates.

When should it be done?

Kilometers count to be noted on the speedometer.

Kilometers count to be noted on the speedometer.(SOURCE)

Well, this time period varies for every vehicle as per the capacity of engine and even as per the vehicles use. Generally, for the city use of cars, it might range from 10,000-20,000 km.

Apart from vehicles running, the things which matter while considering the gap includes the weather in which the vehicle is driven and also the road conditions. For being a proud car owner, it is considered to be a good practice of knowing your vehicles limits and hence working on it in time.

Where should It be done?

Every car owner might prefer some local garage of workshop for his vehicle which is affordable. It will always be considered a good practice to service a vehicle at an authorized service station.

However your local garage seems promising but the authorized service station has skilled laborers which will bring justice to the vehicle and make it shinning and running like new again.

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