General Motors unveils 1 liter turbo petrol engine under ECOTECH family

American automaker General Motors unveiled its new engine from ECOTECH family and its the 1 liter turbo petrol engine. The engine gets same 3 cylinder configuration to challenge Ford’s 1 liter EcoBoost. The company has developed this engine under ECOTECH family of engines, i.e. turbocharged petrol engine family. GM names it as ECOTECH while Ford named it as EcoBoost family of engines.

General Motors 1 liter 3 cylinder turbo petrol engine

General Motors 1 liter 3 cylinder turbo petrol engine

This engine also comes with 2 states of tunes, 90 bhp and 115bhp and both power figures has constant torque value of 166 Nm. The torque range will start from 1800 and it will last till 4700 rpm. The engine is also known as SGE (small gasoline engine) and that will power various cars from GM group’s car like Opel ADAM. The engine will drive through a new 6-speed gearbox, a combination aimed at good performance with low fuel consumption and emissions.

The 1.o liter engine  is the latest member of a modular family of three-cylinder and four-cylinder units ranging up to 1.6- liter , a portfolio that mirrors Ford’s EcoBoost family. In 1996, the Opel Corsa was offered with a 1.0-L petrol engine that gave 53 bhp and 82 N·m. Later in 2010 the same engine was made available with twin port technology and that offered a decent power of 65 bhp and 90 Nm without turbocharger. The new engine from GM is based on the same platform and has a lot of advantages to match new Euro/CAFE norms.

GM has integrated the exhaust inside the aluminum cylinder head, which is bolted directly to the low-inertia, water-cooled turbocharger and this engine features similar technology like counter rotating balancer shaft, variable valve timing and idle stop mechanism that is already available with Ford’s 1 liter EcoBoost. The compact installation has been configured to help deliver a fast boost charge to optimize low-end torque.

The new 1 liter ECOTECH is yet to prove its mark in market as Ford’s small 3 cylinder wonder has already won ‘International engine of the year’ award 2 times.

GM also developed a 6 speed manual transmission to match the new family of engines that is 30% lighter than GM’s other 6 speed transmissions. The compact gearbox weighs only 37 kg and that will find its way in all new GM’s future vehicles specially powered with 1 liter turbo petrol ECOTECH series. The new gearbox comes with asymmetrically cut dog teeth, triple-cone synchronizers for first/second gear with double cones for third/fourth and also for reverse gear. The modular gearbox has choice of 12 gear ratios and 7 different ratios of final drives.

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