Germany starts testing foreign made Diesel cars after VW Emission scandal

VW Emission Scandal started when the VW group cheated a number of emission tests and its now incurring heavy costs as fines and for the correction. However, it has proved to be an eye opener for Germany as the Transport Minister stated that the Government has started testing diesel engines of other cars including those from foreign automakers after the latest disclosure from the German company to have understated CO2 emission level in 8,00,000 vehicles across Europe. VW group has also promised to pay the taxes to be levied. Europeans have to pay taxes according to the emission levels and so the difference deliberately created by VW group in emission levels will lead to taxes being levied on customers and hence, the VW group has requested the Government to collect taxes from them.

In September 2015, VW group also admitted to have fitted Volkswagen, Skoda, Audi and other light passenger diesel cars with defeat devices that reduce the NOx emission level as soon as it detects a test but in on-road conditions the NOx emission is higher for better fuel economy and performance.

Like many other countries, ARAI in India has also found variations in emission level of Volkswagen cars. The apex testing agency has also issued a Show Cause Notice to the German Manufacturer. It is expected to respond by the end of this month.

“We are currently carrying out strict checks on diesel vehicles from other manufacturers [besides VW] including foreign ones,” Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt told the Bild newspaper in an interview published on Saturday. The minister added that Germany is trying to make the emission tests tougher which includes road tests along with regular laboratory tests. “The tests will therefore become more strict and will more closely resemble the normal driving behavior in road traffic,” he told the newspaper.

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