GM India developing a compact sedan codenamed ‘MCM’

GM India is developing a compact sedan based on M300 platform and project is codenamed as MCM. The new compact sedan and next generation Beat is expected to hit the roads in 2017. The company is working on a new strategy as the products Sail, Sail UVA and MPV Enjoy could not gather sales number for GM India. GM has come up with a different strategy for this loss by focusing on exports and bringing in new segments for the Indian market.

2014 Chevrolet Sail

2014 Chevrolet Sail

General Motors India is planning on entering the compact sedan segment based on the M300 platform and a new generation Beat in 2017. Sub 4 meter segment is currently the fastest growing segment having 3.5 lakh units sold annually. The M200 is the current generation Spark, M300 will be advanced version of spark and the new compact sedan might get the underpinnings of Sail sedan for its compact sibling.

GM India will launch both the cars in 2015 and 2016 respectively. The new AMBER platform is now renamed to global emerging market (GEM) platform. The GEM platform includes a compact SUV, compact sedan and a small car which will be developed under common modular architecture similar to GM’s D2XX platform.

GM’s market share value has come down to 2.2 per cent with an overall loss of Rs 6,552 crore at the end of the fiscal year of 2014. Sales plummeted to 32,567 units and brought down their operating capacity to 30 per cent. Thus, GM has made a decision to bring more cars to Indian market and also make India as the export base for countries like Mexico and South Africa. GM India plans to export 1.2 lakh units in 2017 by gradually increasing the export every year starting with 20,000 units in 2015. Exporting from India to Latin American market is a tried and tested strategy by Volkswagen India and GM is sure to be benefitted by using this approach.

More car manufacturing would be joining this league as GM; this would benefit the Indian market and the companies too. Exports will bring new segments and increase the overall operational capacity and bring stability to the companies currently experiencing market loss.

Source: ETAuto

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