Gujarat police to get a Motor Unit of Superbikes

India will soon have a Motor Unit in Gujarat. A motor unit is a term used in the United States of America for police units who drive motorcycles. Well, we still have them today but we are taking about superbikes here. Gujarat police are in the process to get five super bikes that can have the high tech communication equipment and carry out emergency tasks related to the security of VIPs and citizens as well.

2014 Harley Davidson street 750 side

2014 Harley Davidson street 750 side

The technical team behind this move is carefully analysing super bikes from various manufacturers that can do the job effectively in every given situation. There is a buzz that couple of Harley-Davidsons would be joining the fleet. The rest of the fleet would probably comprise of BMW, Triumph and other super bike manufacturers as well. Primarily the officials are looking for bikes having engine displacements between 700cc to 1500cc and an ability to carry hi-tech equipment in case of emergency.

The officials have a budget to buy five bikes and they have called super bike manufacturers to demonstrate their bikes for the purpose.  The decision as to which bike or more precisely which manufacturers to choose will be based on the individual capacities of the bikes to carry wireless equipment and their ability to carry out the police routines. Out running the police is going to be a tough job for criminals soon and we are hoping to see more powerful bikes in the right hands on the Indian roads.

Source :ETAuto

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