Guy does a burnout on an iPhone 6S for YouTube Video

[tps_header]Youtuber does burnout on an iPhone 6S using a Ducati pocket bike to check its durablity.[/tps_header]

The technological advancements and most importantly the extensive use of internet, over the last decade has brought the world closer and turned it into a ‘Global Village’ as they call it. A very useful and interesting thing has come out of it and that is YouTube. It has videos for everyone. For providing information as well as entertainment.

But, it has some side effects too. A new community of people has come out of it, who call themselves YouTubers. These people upload videos on YouTube to earn their living. One such YouTuber has pulled out a crazy video in which he does a burn out using a Ducati pocket bike with the rear wheel on an iPhone 6S. Yes! Tech Rex, is known for doing the same kind of things. The Ukrainian YouTuber based in US does this with most of the newly launched gadgets. He does this while some guy shoots it in proper resolution to upload it on YouTube.

I know, a question instantly pops into our head after reading this, WHY would someone do that? WHY!! Because it entertains, three million subscribers. So, this Geek, who calls himself Tech Rex, inserted an iPhone 6S into what appears to be a metal insert for its so called safety! and then puts the rear wheel of a pocket 50 cc Ducati bike on it. As soon as you hear the engine start, your heart shouts NO! NO! don’t do it. But, he does a burnout on the beautiful rose-pink 6S.

Watch the video below to find out what happens next.

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