Hero MotoCorp inaugurates new facility in Rajasthan

Inauguration of Hero MotoCorp manufacturing plant

Hero Motocorp stands for the nature with its one of a kind state-of-art manufacturing plant. The aim was to create a sanctuary where human diligence, progressive technology and natural goodness complemented each other. This is the fourth production facility from the manufacturers situated at Neemrana Rajasthan. Hero has invested Rs. 550 crore in this facility at Neemrana.




The plant is architected with facilities such as diagonal structure based on sun path, photovoltaic solar power to harness the energy from the sun, big foot technology, dustless and ductless air delivery, where workers will get a breath of fresh air from the plants. The moto is to give fresh air to workers and keeping healthy environment. Green Houses are also developed at the production facility the motive is to grow motorcycles and vegetables on the same land, the vegetables will be used for food production of the canteen.

Hero claims the farms will cultivate five times crop yield than normal cultivation. Hero has also made a provision for rainwater harvesting and recycling, where ground water 1.8 times compared to water used will be recharged.

Thematic areas designed to rejuvenate, efficient LED lights, sensor controlled lights and air conditions, automated storage and retrieval, automated manufacturing system, octa generation facilities are some other highlights of this plant. Hero will provide employment of around 5000 people at this new plant in Rajasthan. The company plans to produce 100 million units by 2020.



Hero will be investing upto Rs. 1,600 crore on their 5th facility in Andhra Pradesh while their 6th facility will be set up in Gujarat. The company will further invest upto Rs. 5,000 crore over the next 2-3 years. Hero plans to enter the European markets next year, with HX250R, EBR will market Hero products across the globe. Hero MotoCorp already present in upcoming markets over the globe than Indian market. Being no 1 manufactuere in country this is very positive step from Hero for wellness of its employess and to contribute in ‘go green’ planet activieis.

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