Home brewed device to boost the fuel economy of your vehicle

The combination of passion and dedication can lead a person to desired goal. Anil Vasudev worked for seven long years to develop a device, which can help automobiles to increase fuel efficiency.

Fuel saving technologies

Fuel saving technologies

Vardal is a small village situated near Kolhapur in Maharashtra state. Anil Vasudev is a motor mechanic, who has studied till class VII. The very basic logic used behind development of this device is to break Hydrogen-Carbon chain from exhaust emission gases with the help of air intake and mixing them with the fuel intake of the vehicle. Hydrogen and Carbon are the main constituents of exhaust gases. After breaking the Hydrogen-Carbon chain, mixing hydrogen with fuel, electrons formed burn the fuel in more linear way increasing the efficiency of the emission.
Anil has got his patent registered; he had filed an application to the office of the Controller General of Patents, Design and Trade Marks in December 2013. He has also received the ISO 9001:2008 certification from International Organization for standardization. This device has been tested vigorously for three years on various two wheelers and four wheelers. Anil believed this device can reduce engine noise upto 20% by facilitating supply of pure fuel to motor. Anil mentioned, “After the publication of the patent for the device, it will now undergo the final examination”. According to the rights given by the patents office, Anil can manufacture the device on a large scale. “Since the publication of the patent last week, a number of automobile companies have contacted me to buy the product.” Anil says he has not decided yet to sell the patent or start his own firm to mass produce this product he invented.

The patent technology if incorporated, can reduce fuel consumption by 10-15% and soot emissions by 50%. These are very commendable figures considering future emission norms and current emission levels by automobiles in India.

Source: TOI

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