Hyundai Creta prices increased !!!

Hyundai motor India struck gold with the new Creta and have gained an edge over the competition. Hyundai Creta prices have been increased up to Rs 20,000 by the company. The base model will now cost Rs 8.69 lakh ex-showroom.

The company has received more than 50,000 booking for the Creta and has fared better and beyond the company’s expectations. The Creta has booking periods stretch to about 6 months for few variants.  Hyundai Creta has sold more than 7,000 units each month since its debut a couple of months ago.

The new Hyundai Creta is available in three engine options – a 1.6-litre gamma dual VTVT petrol, a 1.4-litre U2 CRDi diesel and 1.6-litre CRDi diesel. The 1.6-litre, 4-cylinder Gamma Dual VTVT petrol engine will give a total power output of 123bhp and 154Nm of maximum torque. The 1.4litre U2 CRDi diesel engine punches a total of 90 horses and maximum torque of 224Nm, while the 1.6litre U2 CRDi diesel engine is the most powerful, producing 128bhp and has torque figures of 265 Nm.

Hyundai is offering two transmissions: six-speed manual and a six-speed automatic. The 1.6-litre dual VTVT petrol has a fuel efficiency of 15.29kmpl, 1.4-litre U2 CRDi diesel has been certified to return a  fuel economy of 19.67kmpl, while the 1.6-litre CRDi diesel has an ARAI fuel economy of 21.38kmpl.

hyundai creta rear three quarters

hyundai creta rear three quarters

The updated price list for all variants:

Hyundai Creta Price (Petrol)
Trim level Old Price New Price
Base Rs 8.59 lakh Rs 8.69 lakh
S Rs 9.57 lakh Rs 9.67 lakh
SX+ Rs 11.19 lakh Rs 11.29 lakh


Hyundai Creta Price (Diesel)
Trim level Old Prices New Prices
Base Rs 9.46 lakh Rs 9.56 lakh
S Rs 10.42 lakh Rs 10.52 lakh
S+ Rs 11.45 lakh Rs 11.55 lakh
SX Rs 11.59 lakh Rs 11.79 lakh
SX+ Rs 12.67 lakh Rs 12.77 lakh
SX+ (AT) Rs 13.57 lakh Rs 13.77 lakh
SX(o) Rs 13.60 lakh Rs 13.80 lakh


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