Hyundai Santa FE recalled in India

Hyundai Motor India Ltd has issued a voluntary recall for the earlier generation Hyundai Santa Fe.  Hyundai Motor India is recalling 2,437 units of its sports utility vehicle Santa Fe to replace a faulty stop lamp switch. The recall affected Santa Fe vehicles of the 2011 year model in India for the manufacturing period from June 26, 2011 to September 26, 2013.The new 2014 model will not be included in recall list.

2013 Hyundai Santa FE recalled in India

2013 Hyundai Santa FE recalled in India

The voletarily recall has been initiated to replace a stop lamp switch due to its potential malfunction when the switch, mounted near the break peddle mechanism is actuated when the brakes are applied and released. The malfunctional in switch  fails to illuminate the warning of brake lights when brake peddle placed.
Affected Santa Fe owners will be called as per the batches and this faulty switch will be replaced free of cost at any Hyundai service network across India. As a responsible manufacturer Hyundai motor India continues to safeguard the customer’s safety and is encouraging Santa Fe owners to take their vehicles to authorized Hyundai Dealers for the fault to be corrected.
Car companies are responsibly active in voluntary recalls in India since the policy has been initiated by SIAM to ensure safety in cars in 2012. Last month Honda recalled their Brio and Amaze compact sedan for possible brake system defect and a month earlier faulty fuel neck forced Suzuki to recall Swift Dzire, Swift and Ertiga. Joining the league were industrial giants like GM recalling Tavera, Tata recalling Nano, Toyota Innova and Ford Figo for some similar faults.
The numbers of recall are bound to increase as the rise of common platforms are increasing like the VW’s MQB (Modular Transverse Matrix), Renault Nissan’s CMF (Common Modular Family),Toyota’s TGNA  (Toyota New Generation Architecture), Tata Motor’s AMP (Advance Modular Platform) etc. The numbers of vehicles getting recalled will increase exponentially in near future due to sharing of parts on a common platform.

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