ICYMI 18th Jan `15 : Weekly Flashback

There are two types of sunday mornings, one where you nurse your Saturday night (or Friday night in some cases) hangover and second which you have been deciding over the past week, dedicated for you car or bike. I had the second type today with a full DIY interior treatment. The smile you get when you see the black dashboard shining and faint traces of the new car smell even though the car is 5 years (5y 6m 14d to be precise) old rarely occurs anywhere else.

Lets start with some eye candy! 2015 Donkervoot D8 GTO Blister Berg Edition, quite a mouthful, that name.

Donkervoort D8 GTO

Donkervoort D8 GTO

Because it is so hardcore, the company decided the best name for it is the track where the car set a record for a production car, Blister Berg in Germany.

BMW 650i Gran coupe facelift received the individual this week. This involves some interior upgrades like some more exotic leather and wood panels and does not change the car mechanically. All these changes are blink-and-you-miss-it but BMW knows what makes their cars sell and being individualistic is necessary when you buy a car at this price range.

Mahindra and Mahindra launched two new variants of the Scorpio, S4+ and S6+. Both come with added safety features while the S4+ gets optional 4WD. The new Scorpio is another success for the M&M family as people have received it well, thats what the numbers say. The new chassis seems to have done more than its job for the Scorpio it seems.

Tata is doing all they can to make sure the Bolt is a success and to ensure that, they have devised a new plan. Launch the car nationwide, Digitally. All showrooms will show the launch live and they may or may not have driving simulators for people to virtually experience the Revotron engine and the Bolt.

2014 Tata Bolt headlamps

2014 Tata Bolt headlamps

Bentley has decided a name for its upcoming SUV, Bentyaga. The name, although weird, has a story behind it. It talks about the company founder and nature, how you ask? read the full story here.

Honda updated the Amaze and the Brio with A-V navigation and interior color change. This will be included in a new trim which slots above VX trim available now.

Ford unveiled the new F-150 Raptor and it looks menacing Ford if you are reading this, please ask the designer of this truck to take over the design for the new Endeavor!

People who buy supercars have a wonderful life with a >20 car garage and huge mansions with terraces to ogle at exotic cars you have in your garage. Supercarmakers? not so much. Lamborghini is receiving flak from enthusiasts saying their designs have mellowed down. Fiat is facing problems with Ferrari and decided to part with 10% of the ownership. In India, Ferrari had a disastrous outing with Shreyans motors a couple of years ago. But now it has appointed two new dealers in the country in Mumbai and Delhi. Complete report here.

VW has decided to change the Polo cup to the Vento cup and has launched the car to be used in the one-make championship. A 180 bhp 250 nm Vento! Looks brilliant and tempting!

VW Vento Cup front three quarters

VW Vento Cup front three quarters

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