Indian Auto Rikshaw driver breaks world record for Side Wheelie


An Indian has set a world record of side wheelie on Tuk Tuk or as we know it Auto Rikshaw our desi cab. It is the most often used mode of transport by an average common man. The three-wheeler being so common among us has seen a lot of creative tweaks over the years for making the ride more and more comfortable and of course, to attract customers. Rikshaw drivers have come up with ideas like free wi-fi, magazines, a mini fridge in the auto and so on. But this time its the driver and not the auto that has created a world record.

Jagathish M one such auto driver in Chennai, carries out his normal business of carrying people to their destinations in the daylight. But once the moon takes over the sky, its his time to put on his leather jacket and do stunts in deserted areas. His specialty is the side wheelie for which he has entered the Guinness Book of world records. Recently he participated in a TV show called Guinness World Records – Ab India Todega to break the world record of Furthest distance side-wheel driving on a motor tricycle at Juhu Aerodrome, Mumbai. For this he had to drive on two wheels for 1 km which was no big deal for the 27-year-old. He was on two wheels for 2.2 km. YES! double than the required. The daredevil has made the entire country proud.

The young auto driver says he never expected to achieve a title this big but is very happy after setting the world record for side wheelie. He has set an example for every Indian who aspires to make the country proud. This is a video that shows side wheelie on our very own Auto Rikshaw.

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