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Remember Sebastian Vettel? Yeah that Formula 1 guy, who also managed to win the world championship 4 times, same bloke. What you might not know about him (if you do, good for you!) is that he is also the Director of Performance at Infiniti. Wait, what on earth is Infiniti?

Infiniti is the luxury brand of Nissan. Just like Toyota has Lexus and Honda has Acura, the Nissan has Infiniti. And why are we talking about Infiniti today? Look what the Hong Kong based folks have just released at the recently concluded Paris Motor Show.

Infinity Q80 Inspiration

Infinity Q80 Inspiration – front 3/4th view

Yes, concept cars are cool! Not only because they provide some amazing eye candy, but also because they are an indication of what plans a particular brand has for the future. Now who doesn’t like to know what the future beholds.

With their eyes set on the premium sedan market, Infiniti brings this bold new concept to the world. “The Q80 Inspiration concept was born to disrupt the premium sedan category,” said Francois Bancon, Infiniti Vice President, Product Strategy. “We aim to do this with elegance, style, and emotion.”

The exterior of the car is sculpted with fastback contouring (the back-end almost merging with the roof in one clean line). Full-size in width (2010mm/79.1 inches) and length (5060mm/199.2 inches), yet with a stance of 1340mm/52.8 inches at its highest point, it’s low and long!

Infinity Q80 Inspiration – side profile

Minimalism all around. The Front is loaded with attitude. Focus is more on a reflective surface than a detailed one. The intakes at the front below the grill, complement the Infiniti emblem of an infinite road quite remarkably. And those eyes, wow, look at those eyes. I sure hope this carries forward into the production version as well. And yes there is a production version in the works!

Infinity Q80 Inspiration – front

Moving to the back, nothing excessive. The surface continues to flow seamlessly. The rear lighting is in wonderful sync with the front. Although, I think that the side windows merging into a single line that ends in a flourish is something which is unique to the concept and not meant for the production version, it does add a nice break to the sculpted form of the car.


Infinity Q80 Inspiration – back

Let’s take a look inside! Things get really interesting here.  It’s designed to seat 4 people individually. The driver’s view is a unique Heads up Display (HUD) which projects the required information onto the windshield. The information is wound down to bare basics keeping the human centric ethos of the concept in mind. The front passenger also has a HUD for display of external information via a smart phone connected to the vehicle’s telematics system. Each rear passenger has a touch screen positioned in the rear of the front seat rest to tap into their on-board entertainment package.

infiniti-q80-inspiration-24-1                     infiniti-q80-inspiration-25-1

In the driving department Infiniti has explored autonomous driving but limited its use to lane assist and suggestions via a Siri like assistant. It says the focus is not on hands free driving but giving the driver choices of his own.

“From a design perspective, the Q80 Inspiration is the epitome of provocation, a car that breaks the mold of traditional premium sedan dimension and body form,” said Alfonso Albaisa, Infiniti Executive Design Director. “There is a tendency with modern design that every time you add interior features and technology you add complexity,” added Albaisa. “The idea with Q80 Inspiration was to re-define and simplify how we interact with people in the car. Of course the Q80 Inspiration has the key features which are premium, smart and engaging, but simplicity was our main objective.” Details about the powertrain include that this will be a hybrid engine car. In terms of numbers, the engine is slated to churn out 550hp and is of V6 3.0L configuration.


Infinity Q80 Inspiration – 3/4th Rear

It’s a bold concept and we love it. From moving towards a world with clean technologies to the increasing focus on simplifying complexities, this car is definitely a step in the right direction. There is a lot of this concept that would be absolutely ravishing to watch on the road. How much of it does make it in the end is a thing we’ll have to wait and watch out for.

For now, let’s just enjoy the view!










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