Lamborghini Confirms Production of Its Luxury SUV

The much awaited deal of Lamborghini will now have the production of its luxury SUV and the much talked matter of importance went official after the Italian sports carmaker confirming. Doesn’t this will ring a bell in our Bank cards? The sports carmaker has now got the transition of producing some high class SUV’s. The SUV is expected to be launched in global markets in 2018. The company had showcased the concept at Beijing Auto Show as the Lamborghini Urus.Lamborghini

The company said that the new vehicle will be produced in Sant’Agata, Bolognese in Italy. Over the lifecycle of the new vehicle, Lamborghini will invest hundreds of millions of Euros. The company people will definitely sob for investing very huge amounts. But, I’m very curious and concerned about people later sobbing as they’ve a pay a huge price for this sweetheart.

This is a proud moment for everybody in Lamborghini. The introduction of a third model line endorses the stable and sustainable growth of the the company and signifies for us the beginning of new era,” said Stephan Winkelmann, Lamborghini President and CEO. The new SUV will be made in Sant’Agata Bolognese, demonstrating our commitment to safeguarding the values of Made in Italy worldwide.”

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Having now the deal being signed, 350 workers will be fitted for the project. With the addition of this model, the factory site will be expanded from the current 80,000 square meter to 150,000 square meters. The project will include the construction of new facilities, such as a new production line, warehousingf and expansion of R&D department.

This expansion is also expected to provide more opportunities for the supplier network in Italy and internationally. Lamborghini also will hire 500 new employees for the project.

The company statement stated that the USA, China, the Middle East, UK, Gernmany and Russia will be the target markets for the new SUV. The annual volumes will be around 3,000 vehicles and will double the company’s current sales performance.

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