Lewis Hamilton crashes his Pagani Zonda in Monaco

[tps_header]Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton crashed his special edition Pagani Zonda 760LH in Monaco as a result of heavy partying.[/tps_header]

The Mercedes – AMG Petronas team on Wednesday stated that their racer Lewis Hamilton was not able to board the plane for Sao Paulo, where he is to participate in a F1 race on Sunday. The reason according to them was fever and some other personal issues. However, this was half truth. The entire truth was revealed in an Instagram post of the world champion on Thursday, where he said that he met a road accident on Monday night in his hometown Monaco. He was driving his £1.6m limited edition Pagani Zonda which he crashed into a stationary car. It was a minor accident and nobody was hurt. LH also mentioned that the reason behind this was heavy partying and not enough rest. The legendary F1 driver threw a surprise party on 60th Birthday of his mother, Carmen, last Saturday. This made him even more tired. “I had gone to Mexico on the Wednesday. We worked all day Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and then I had my mum’s party and that killed me. It was pretty amazing but I really felt it on Sunday and Monday,” Lewis Hamilton said.

This is what he wrote, “Dear TeamLH, just wanted to let you know why things have been quiet on social media the past few days, I’ve not been well with a fever but I also had a road accident in Monaco on Monday night. Whilst ultimately, it is nobody’s business, there are people knowing my position that will try to take advantage of the situation and make a quick buck. NO problem. Nobody was hurt, which is the most important thing. But the car was obviously damaged and I made very light contact with a stationary vehicle. Talking with the team and my doctor, we decided together that it was best for me to rest at home and leave a day later.”

The 30-year-old is now fit for Sunday’s race at Interlagos. This is very important race for Lewis Hamilton as he has never won a race at Interlagos in 8 of his previous attempts. He aims at breaking the tradition this time. Well, all we can say is ALL THE BEST!

You can find Lewis Hamilton’s post below


Lewis Hamilton’s Instagram post

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