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Today’s Video of the Day will take you to a journey that three-time F1 world champion Lewis Hamilton went through. It is the story of how Lewis took F1 as an carrier and his accomplishments since the beginning. The video was recently uploaded by Mercedes AMG Petronas’ official YouTube page after the legendary driver won his third world title for 2015. His story is the proof, driving is the best Lewis Hamilton can do.

The path was fixed for Lewis from the very beginning. We have seen F1 drivers getting on karts from very young ages and then finding their way to the F1. But, Lewis Hamilton started even earlier. He started with RC cars. He won the second place in the British Radio Car Association Championship in 1992. He was just six years old at that time. This was the time when his driving skills were first noticed.

His parents then started encouraging him and gifted him his first cart on Christmas. There was no stopping Lewis then. For years later, he won the British Cadet Kart Championship and that was it. The stone was established. He had to get to a bigger track now.

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The year 2007, saw the entry of Lewis Hamilton in the Formula 1. He won the third place in his first season itself. The year following i.e 2008  gave him his first world title. He was as young as 23-years at that time. I can’t even imagine the feeling after such a wonderful start. But, things didn’t go well in the following years. Not a single win was registered. However, he never gave up.

Directly, 6 years after his first win, the year 2014 saw the second victory for Lewis Hamilton with the Mercedes-AMG Petronas. The current year, 2015 registered the the third world title for him.

Watch the video below, to find out the entire how&when of his career. Happy Motoring! 🙂

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