India’s easiest to drive SUV: Mahindra TUV 300 features list

Mahindra launched their latest SUV in the form of TUV 3oo (pronounced 3-double 0). The TUV3oo was launched at a price of 6. 90 lakh and AutoColumn compiled techy things in India’s easiest to drive SUV Mahindra TUV 300 features list. That is right in the Toyota Etios Cross, Hyundai i20 Active and Fiat Avventura price range. Here are things you must know about the Mahindra TUV 3oo.

Static Bending and Follow me Headlamps

Mahindra TUV static bending headlamps

Mahindra TUV static bending headlamps

The technologically advanced Static Bending Headlamps have an additional bulb which turns ON when the TUV300 takes a turn. This makes cornering safer at nights, especially while taking tight hairpin turns. The Mahindra TUV300’s headlamps remain ON for sometime after locking/unlocking the vehicle using the remote key, illuminating the pathway up to your home or TUV300 when its dark.


Engine with Micro Hybrid Technology and ECO Mode 

Micro Hybrid Technology

Micro Hybrid Technology

1.5-litre mHawk80 engine with a power output of 82.5bhp and torque figures of 230Nm. The SUV has a decent amount of capacity, but the 82.5 bhp is little too less for a car this size. More in the range of 100-110 bhp would have been ideal, making the engine a lot more responsive. The TUV3oo ships with just one engine option as of now. An Intelligent technology that Switches OFF the engine when idle for 2 seconds, and switches it back ON as soon as you press the clutch pedal. Helps achieve higher fuel efficiency and is more environment friendly due to reduced emissions. The ECO Mode feature helps you maximize fuel efficiency at the press of a button. It adjusts engine mapping (engine speed & vehicle top speed) for high fuel economy returns, and hence more savings.

Voice Messaging System and AC ECO mode

AC Eco Mode

AC Eco Mode

With the Voice Messaging System in the Mahindra TUV300, the driver gets voice alerts for situations such as low fuel warning, seat belt warning, door ajar alert, hand brake on, etc. This is also aided by visual alerts on the infotainment system. The AC Eco Mode modulates AC compressor operation at a higher temperature to enhance fuel efficiency Helps consumes less fuel More savings.


Mahindra  TUV  300

Mahindra TUV 300

If I could even say, this is more of an updated Bolero which has been so successful for the company especially in the rural market. This boxy design is truly an evolution of the Bolero. I would have been happy with this SUV if it was presented as an update over the Bolero. The marketing team at Mahindra has done some smart thinking and decided to market it as a totally new car, which could appeal the urban dwellers also. Also, the similarities between Jeep Cherokee (which will debut in the Indian market in 2016) and TUV3oo cannot be missed, especially on the front end.


Mahindra TUV  300 AMT

Mahindra TUV 300 AMT

TUV 3oo will come with two option, which are pretty much available on all cars launched this year; manual transmission and automatic transmission. The ones on these mini SUV’s will be made by Mahindra in cooperation with Ricardo, a reputed name in making high-quality transmission systems. The first automated manual gear box in its class, the TUV300 is perhaps India’s easiest to drive SUV. It combines the convenience of an Automatic Transmission with performance & fuel efficiency of a Manual Transmission.

Seating Capacity and Mileage:

It will come with a capability to seat 7 people with the last row being equipped with jump seats. Surprisingly, the seats are comfortable for adults.   The Mahindra SUV will return a mileage of 18.49 kmpl.  The space on the inside is very good with a lot of head room, leg room and shoulder room as well.

Price variants and Safety:

Safety has been taken good care of with dual airbags, Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) with Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD), Corner Brake Control (CBC), and automatic door locking. You can even buy airbags as an optional extra on the lower variants.

TUV3oo will be available in 7 trim levels across 3 variants.

T4: Rs. 6.90 lakh

T4+: Rs. 7.25 lakh

T6: Rs. 7.55 lakh

T6+: Rs. 7.8 lakh

T6+ autoSHIFT: Rs. 8.52 lakh

T8: Rs. 8.4 lakh

T8 autoSHIFT: Rs. 9.12 lakh

All prices mentioned above are ex-showroom, Pune




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