Why manuals are preferred over automatic transmissions?

Although most of the people prefer vehicles with automatic transmissions there are some reasons why they really don’t make any sense at times. A glimpse of interesting facts on manual preferred over automatics

Need of automatic transmission :

Automatic gear shifter

Automatic gear shifter.(SOURCE)

If you live in a crowded city or area where bumper to bumper traffics are common and a daily routine for you, then an automatic transmission will make some sense. They will let you relax a bit. But if you live in less crowded areas and also have your daily travel on highways or through main roads then definitely you shouldn’t adopt for a car with automatic transmission.

Manual gear shifter

Manual gear shifter.(SOURCE)

Although automatic prove to be of great help and take your driving comfort to next level, they just don’t seem worth for taking over the manuals. Manual transmissions give the feel of controlling the vehicle and making it roar more. Apart from that, an automatic transmission consumes fuel considerably higher than a manual transmission. Plus there is a added disadvantage of the extra weight due to the automatic transmission. These transmissions are incredibly heavy and consume fuel at a higher rate. This results in reduced fuel economy of the vehicle. Hence manual transmissions will save you a lot of money.

Advantages :

Automatic transmissions even make it boring for launching your car and flaunting with it at times. Automatic vehicles with its complex construction and designing are expensive to buy. Hence even at this time you can save money. Thus if you buy a vehicle with a manual transmission, then you will save money while buying it. Then again you will save money by having a higher fuel economy with the manual transmission. So technically you’ll save a lot of money if you prefer a vehicle with a manual transmission rather than a vehicle with automatic transmission.

Maintenance Cost :

Apart from that, the maintenance cost of both the vehicles has a considerable difference. A car with damaged automatic transmission can cost you a lot more money than you will need to replace a manual transmission. Replacing or repairing an automatic transmission may seem to be a nightmare cause it costs a hell lot of money.

Saves lots of money

Saves lots of money


Saves lots of money.(SOURCE)

The feeling :

Car launch with manual transmission

Car launch with manual transmission.(SOURCE)

Keeping apart every calculation and mileage differences, if you really are a car man and if you love driving, then an automatic car will never keep you satisfied. Over everything, the feeling of driving the car, launching it at signals, revving it at corners and having that bond between you more tightened at every corner. It obviously seems to be more important to any car lover or car enthusiast and that feeling doesn’t come with any tag it’s priceless!

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