Mercedes X-class Pickup – Under The Hood

So basically, Mercedez is going out of their way and doing something like this! Basically a man who drives a pickup truck, may always dream about owning or driving a Merc in his life. So now mercedes has made it more easy for that man to achieve his goal in life. Now you can own a Pickup truck and a Mercedez together! That is the Mercedes X-class pick-up truck.

Mercedes X-Class rear>(SOURCE)

Mercedes X-Class rear.(SOURCE)

Although Mercedes has given a inspirational thing which you might look up to and work hard enough for, but the point is, personally if you ask me,I think no hard working man ain’t buying that pickup truck for his work! This thing has got so much to offer, let us know what under its hood!

Under the Hood:

Engine specs of the Pick-up might keep you spellbound! The Beast drives on a  4MATIC permanent four-wheel drive system that has two locking differentials suited with a low-range gearbox.Also an alternative 4×4 system, that will be switchable between all-wheel-drive and rear-wheel-drive will be available.


The Top class X models will come with a roaring mercedes V6 Diesel Engine. The Entry level variants of the X class might come with the regular 2.3 litre 4 cylinder Diesel engine which comes with the Navara. The V6 diesel will happen to be a 3.0-litre unit from the Mercedes passenger car range. It will bring 261-bhp and 620 of Nm of torque to the wheel. With all that said,it will make the X-class the most kick-ass pickup in the segment. Also a 4-cylinder petrol variant will be available in limited markets with manual and automatic gearboxes.

X-Class Pickup.(SOURCE)

X-Class Pickup.(SOURCE)

Who will buy this thing?

Although this thing has every aspect to be classified as bad-ass and king of cool, the price tag it will come along will be a thing to worry! The thing about such vehicles is that, the market they are approaching is very much limited. Only people who love cars, are enthusiast or happen to be collectors will be a major part of the consumer segment.

X-class pickup.(SOURCE)

X-class pickup.(SOURCE)

Apart from that people who have loads of money and love offroading and driving through countryside will approach the vehicle. Other will include branded names such as the people on TV/Web series, who drive these things just to show that they can afford it so easily. So basically they won’t settle for a pickup truck which will satisfy their needs, but they’ll buy a Mercedes X-class and then use it as a truck. Such people can be seen in shows like the American chopper owners and people from West Coast Customs.

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