One thing common between India and Pakistan: Road Rage

Imagine someone dashing into Sachin Tendulkar’s car and then pulling out a firearm to spray bullets at him. Thankfully people here haven’t stooped so low but something similar happened in Pakistan. Wasim Akram, one of the most recognizable faces in Pakistan was a victim of road rage. Thankfully he was unhurt in the incident.

“It was just an accident when I was coming to the stadium. There is lot of rush at this time and I was in the middle lane and a car hit my car from behind. I signalled the driver to come to the side but he tried to make a fool and tried to race off which irritated me a lot,” Wasim Akram said.Police reports say that this was an act of road rage.

This brings me to the larger issue of rash driving and road rage in India. We have seen reports in the media of road rage, even videos taken all over India, some even ending in a persons death. The number of vehicles coming on the road is at an all time high. There are traffic jams at every junction. All we need to be is patient and drive with restraint at the same time. Traffic situation is not going to get better anytime soon. Be a sensitive human being and be aware of the situation. Also, i would ask the public at large to stop such incidents from happening rather than being bystanders.

Drive Safe. Stay Blessed!!


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