Popular Indian Auto scams That have Proved to Fooled Us For Years.

India is a country where we believe a priest or an astrologer over our family members. When we have trust issues between gods and family members, then the probability of us getting fooled by anyone around the world is directly proportional to a number of people wanting to fool us. In short, we tend to believe any person who says something to us on the road and show the decent side of our behaviour.

In a country where advising someone is a key role of the ideal citizen, fooling people doesn’t seem to be a big or a difficult task. Thus there has been a history of Popular Indian auto scams. We’re sure every one of us has one or the other time been a victim of such traps. Let us see which are the Most Popular Indian Auto Scams.

“Bhaiyya Gadi Puncture Ho Gayi Hai” :

Although this isn’t always a scam when you’re being told this by anyone. But, there are such areas around college’s or educational institutions and also on highways, where your vehicle’s tyre are frequently punctured in a specific patch of road.

Puncture repairs

Puncture repairs. (SOURCE)

This scam is at such a decent level that it is never recognized as a scam unless you see the workshop guy throwing pointed nails and screws on the road. These people make sure your vehicle gets punctured somewhere around their shop.Once the vehicle is punctured, a stranger advises that he knows a local garage where you can get it fixed.


Flat tyre

Flat tyre.(SOURCE)

So ultimately after the vehicle is done, the customer is happy with his repaired vehicle and the garage earns a profit over a customer, whose vehicle was deliberately punctured.

Reporting of a Burning/Smoking Vehicle:

Smoking under hood

Smoking under hood.(SOURCE)

While driving through an unknown city or village, there are people who come across the vehicle. Once they know that you’re not a localized, then it’s time that they play their tricks. Two to three people might address your vehicle and ask you to stop. They might report that they saw your car burning and hence they halted to inform the same.

Now Coincidentally one of the guys might be a mechanic or a local person who has some knowledge in cars. So he might check under the hood and will declare that the vehicle’s alternator has burnt and hence due to the short circuit there was a smoke emission from the vehicle.
So being new in the locality, trusting these guys might seem right for saving the day.

Then these frauds say that they might help you but just that it will cost a bit more money than usual. Again because you are new to the area, you don’t know where you’ll find a garage, apart from that if these people are being helpful, why go and find someone else? So finally paying that guy for the spares is what we end up doing.

Now in some scenarios, those guys do return and repair the car. But in other scenarios, these guys just take your money and leave.

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