Petrol or a diesel car? This Will Help You Decide.

This question arose long back and is still being discussed and debated for over years now. As the question of whether the chicken came first or the egg came first was recently solved, maybe now it is the time to solve this mystery once and for all.

Diesel or petrol?

Diesel or petrol?(SOURCE)

Things we’ll consider while preferring a Diesel or a petrol engine are as follows.

1) Price.

2) Fuel efficiency.

3) The noise of the engine.

4) Pickup.

5) Engine output.

6) Use and need of the vehicle.

So first of all price of the vehicle :

The price of the both variants in vehicles such as diesel and petrol vary enormously. The price of petrol vehicles is considerably low and hence affordable as compared to diesel vehicles. If You compare prices of the same vehicles having a diesel and petrol variants, the price difference for the same may range from 1 lakh rupees and can get extended up to 10-15 lakh rupees. Obviously, that amount of money can buy you a car or two and hence when it comes to pricing of the vehicle, Petrol engines always win the debate.

The fuel efficiency of the vehicle:

This is the main and the most discussed issue while buying a vehicle. Fuel economy is the most obsessive issues as the more you get, people are ready to dispose more money at a time to get higher fuel efficiency. Diesel cars are a bit more fuel efficient as compared those to petrol cars. But as you compare the cost of 1-liter petrol to that of 1-liter diesel then there Is a difference that will make your eye glitter watching the diesel prices.

Diesel costs considerably low for a liter than what you have to pay for a liter of petrol. Petrol exactly costs 1 and the half times more than diesel. So in this debate, the diesel engines are appreciated.

Noise of the engine :

petrol and diesel engine

petrol and diesel engine. (SOURCE)

It has always been considered a pain in the back and a punishment to the ears while riding in a diesel engine. Diesel engines have long been tried to make quite and smoother but they can never be as quiet and calm as the petrol engines. Petrol engines are swift enough and even smoother.

Years of technology and Research and development in diesel engines still hasn’t proved to make them as silent as petrol engines. Hence petrol engines cut it short and make it easy to decide when it comes to this point.

Pickup :

Pickup of the vehicles varies as per vehicles and companies and the quality of their engine builds. But comparatively diesel engines have a considerably high pickup as compared to petrol engines. Diesel engines give u that extra pump like the adrenaline rush you have. The lubricated diesel engine at these times because of the extra torque it gets.

A Little push to the pedal and the car just jumps of pushing you back close to your seat. Petrol engines have an appreciable pickup but not that they can beat diesel engines very easily. So if you are up for a quarter mile drag then you might want to prefer a diesel engine my friend!

Power output :

The calorific value of Diesel is more than Petrol and hence the energy output per unit volume of diesel is better than petrol. Petrol being a spirit and diesel being a lubricant there obviously is a vast difference in each of their combustion. Petrol engines are more efficient but when it comes to power delivery diesel engines prove to be far better than petrol engines.

When it comes to top speeds petrol engine performs better but for better startups and better pickups diesel engines are preferred. Diesel engines aren’t refined but they are raw in their own nature and hence being bit less fabricated, with all that loud noise, they deliver a power at your feet that make you happy for sure.

Use and need of the vehicle.

Apart from all the technical discussions and specifications, this is the most important point to be considered while comparing between diesel and petrol engines. The need of the vehicle and its daily use should be considered while buying any vehicle. If you are the person that travels daily for more than 30 -40 km then fuel efficiency is what will b worrying you the most and hence a diesel engine will help you better.

mileage meter

mileage meter. (SOURCE)

Need :

If you are a person who has to travel less and make the time travel less then maybe a petrol engine will make it faster for you. If you are an off-roading enthusiast and love travelling a lot then a diesel engine is anyways reliable than a petrol engine. Whereas if you happen to be a petrol head forever and love the thrill and speeding then you know what you need.

Requirement :

Basically, whatever the specifications, advantages and disadvantages may be, the most important aspect remains is that of the requirement. Petrol brings you speed where as diesel brings you comfort for long and cozy rides. The choice remains with you. Whichever shoe fits you may opt for it.

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