2015 Mustang 302 Saleen Revealed

The 2015 Ford Mustang isn`t even out yet but customizers world over are letting their imagination run wild on this one. Mustang specialist and world renowned customizer Saleen gave a glimpse of their take on the next gen Mustang recently, the 2015 Mustang 302 Saleen.

2015 Ford Mustang 302 Saleen Teaser


As the name suggests 302, the car will feature the 5.0 lit V8 engine ( 302 cubic inch). Ford has not revealed the numbers for the Mustang yet so Saleen are also mum on the subject. But whatever the stock engine makes, expect 50-70 horses more from the Saleen tuned car. The last Mustang (naturally aspirated) tuned by Saleen had a power output of 470 hp and we expect this version to up that figure to nearly 530 hp.

The present Saleen Mustang 302 has two engine options: naturally aspirated and supercharged. The supercharged version belts out 625 hp of power, so we guess the new one will go higher.

Saleen does not make changes to the engine alone, they adjust the suspension and all other things necessary to keep the american beast under control. The picture also shows the changes made to the body works which includes a flatter, wider grille and blackened headlight surrounds. We expect Saleen to fix a rear spoiler and use bigger sized wheels than the stock size. Saleen is also known to add graphics to the car and we can`t wait to see what Saleen does with this one.

So far this is all we know about the Saleen tuned Mustang as Ford themselves have not revealed much about the 2015 Mustang. But with the launch of the 2015 Mustang not far away, we will get many more details about the car in the coming few months. Rumors suggest Saleen has started taking orders for the new car and we are not surprised as the effort, time and money going into this is enormous.

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