Scoop! Honda developing entry level global small car

We are back again with a big scoop, this time its about Honda’s development plans. You read it first on AutoColumn. Honda is developing an entry level car which is codenamed as ‘World A-Entry’. The car will use Honda’s new platform ‘GSP2’ which is also shared with other Honda car models like Amaze, Brio, Jazz, Mobilio and the latest addition Honda City.

Honda N concept small car

Honda N concept small car

With the launch of Honda Amaze, the company tried to penetrate volume-making segment and the success of Amaze even showed desired results to Honda. But it was not only due to a new compact-sedan concept from Honda, the 1.5 liter EarthDreams diesel motor with an impressive 100bhp and 26 kmpl also has same share to the success of this vehicle. Honda Amaze is based on Brio hatchback which also gave a bit of pie in small car market to Honda. But in 2017 Honda plans to get in entry level small car market with a new low cost and a mass market project named as ‘World A-Entry’.

2013 Honda N concept small car in red

2013 Honda N concept small car in red

The development has just begun and Honda is betting big on it. Honda is now moving from premium level cars to mass market cars and so the quality and cost are going down. The premium-ness in earlier generation Honda city lacks in Honda Amaze but Honda claims their cars are durable for long term ownership. We hope that in the race of going into mass market Honda will maintain the way they were making car till now. What we may see in new World A-Entry is 1 liter turbo petrol engine for better efficiency and greener tomorrow.

Few days ago, Honda launched new City in India and the car has received overwhelming response due to its overall package offerings for that segment. Next launch from Honda will be new generation Jazz which is expected to be launched in the second quarter of 2014. New generation Accord sedan and Mobilio MPV are another two products in pipeline from Honda for Indian market.

What is GSP platform by Honda?

The ‘GSP2’ platform from Honda is short-form of Global Services Platform and  this is a bit different than what we already know about modular platforms by other manufactures. The GSP platform lets employees in search of information access a range of applications from other Honda companies around the world. With this benefit, a user can use the Service-Oriented Architecture-based system to investigate warranty claims check and receive response from worldwide Honda locations in few seconds. The company will get benefit of $80,000 a year due to GSP platform by increasing customer satisfaction, boosting common application production and lowering business cost.

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