Seat Belt. Is it really important to wear?

Seat belts are the most primitive safety feature, the first one to arrive in the automobile field. We have seen seat belts around since the beginning. If you ask me, I have never seen a car without seat belts. Unless it is a vintage or the seat belt is broken. There is a law in our country which makes it compulsory to wear seat belt. But, we don’t. I have seen most of the people wearing seat belts only when they see a cop ahead. We need to understand that the seat belts are for our safety and no one else’s. So we are here with an article which will tell you if it is really important to wear seat belts.

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What does the seat belt do?

The main question that comes in our head is what does the seat belt really do? It has something to do with physics. I will have to explain it with the Newton’s Law of Inertia. I know it sounds heavy but just spare with me ;). The Law of Inertia states – “An object in motion continues in motion with the same speed and direction unless acted upon by an external unbalanced force.” When the car is in motion, you too are moving forward in motion. So, when the car collides with an object like another car, tree, divider, etc. the object stops the car’s motion by applying opposite force. However, you keep moving ahead as no external force has acted upon you. This may make you go ahead and and bump into the dashboard or the windshield which can cause fatal damage. The seat belt keeps us in our position. It basically holds us back in our seats. So that we don’t bump with other things or passengers in the car.

Seat Belts

Do we need to wear seat belts in a car with airbags?

Most of the modern day cars come with ABS and airbags as standard. When the car collide, the airbags inflate and envelopes us ensuring minimum damage. But, when airbags meet seat belt, they provide an unmatched safety. Airbags need a little time to deploy. They deploy at blasting speed, so if we are near the spot of deployment, we may face serious injuries. So, seat belts hold us into our seats and the airbags will envelope us to ensure minimal damage.

How will the seat belt hold us?

Seat Belts

Seat belts contain certain parts which limit the seat belt’s length. We all have seen that the belts stretch to any extent when we pull them. This is to ensure that the occupant is comfortable. But, how will it help during a crash if it can extend so much? How will it hold us? The seat belts have something called as the retractors. Not going into much detail, I will explain how it works. Basically, these retractors or pretensioners (advanced) detect a crash or sudden fall in the speed of the car and tighten the seat belt. The limit to which the belts can be stretched is reduced to hold us back in our position.

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The above mentioned are the most basic ways in which, seat belts save our lives. There are many more applications of seat belts. So next time you enter a car, the first thing to do is fasten your seat belts. Hope you found the article informative. Don’t forget to share it with your friends and family. Let them know the importance of seat belts. Happy Motoring! 🙂

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