Suzuki 150cc upcoming bike spied

Suzuki Motorcycle India`s new 150cc offering was caught testing on the Noida Expressway recently. The bike is named the Gixer, a tribute or inspiration to the company`s more powerful models.

2014 Suzuki Gixer motorcycle

2014 Suzuki Gixer motorcycle

The styling is rather modern and looks different from what we know in that segment. The engine size confirms that it is infact a 150cc bike.

First thing you notice is the Dual pipe exhaust, which is uncommon for a single cylinder engine.The bike has monoshock rear suspension which does make it a bit of a looker. A single disc up front and drums at the rear (really Suzuki??) means it will be a commuter bike and not the naked sports bike as expected.

The front console and headlamps seem to much like the Pulsar 200NS, but hey, we`re not complaining. The pillion seat looks tall due to the vertical distance it has from the rear wheel, but this does add to the cleaner look of the bike.
The graphics on the fuel tank extension say Gixer , but truth be told, don`t expect too much of power from the company`s new offering.

Suzuki`s earlier offering in the 150cc segment, the GS-150R never really caught fantasy of the Indian rider despite being a good performer. Indians still preferred the Pulsar or the 160cc Unicorn and TVS` Apache.

Will this be an update to the GS-150R or an entirely new offering, nothing can be said as of now. What we do know is that Suzuki has a lot riding on this model and hopes it can sell in huge numbers to generate  cash for the company.

Suzuki is not really known for its geared vehicles. While their 125cc moped, Access is going great guns against fellow Japanese company Honda`s Dio and Activa, their bikes always failed to gain traction.

Even Salman Khan`s presence in the TVC did not help get their 115cc Hayate of the showrooms and onto roads.

Source: Xbhp

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