Video of the Day: 30 years of Performance – Suzuki GSX-R Documentary

Its an interesting story of a bike, when the GSX-R’s engine used to melt in first few performance tests. This is not a usual documentary that manufacturer boasts in marketing about how good we were right from the start of the development. This is the story of the engineers when Suzuki decided to get together all those young engineers and raced first ever GSX-R on track.

Suzuki GSX-R documentary

Suzuki GSX-R documentary

The company boldly presenting a story by the designers, engineers who wanted to build their own performance two wheeler. These are the same designers and engineers who participated in racing of GSX-R 750 at Le Mans. The documentary starts with the early days of bike, how wrong it was engineered, how the cylinder sleeves became loose after races, how the valves were bent and spark plugs melted and all those early stages of failure. With the goal of designing a bike that has 100bhp and top speed of 235kmph, a magical journey of 30 years shows amazing visual delight to every motorcycle enthusiast.

The interesting thing is one of the old engineer is still riding the GSX-R even after 29 years of evolution and he says it’s still thrilling for him to ride this bike. We don’t want to tell you everything here, take your time and sit back, hit the link below to know about some facts about GSX-R.





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