2017 Tata Hexa Pulls a Massive Boeing 737

Don’t be surprised when you see next time a Tata Hexa pulling a container or Cargo plane. Yes, we have here a video evidence of 2017 Tata Hexa pulling a massive Boeing 737  with its 400Nm torque. Don’t believe this? Watch this video.


Airplanes seem to be the default standard when automakers want to demonstrate the pulling power of a particular vehicle.2.2-litre VARICOR diesel engine powers the Hexa. The four-cylinder engine generates a maximum power of 154 BHP at 4,000 rpm and a maximum torque of 400 Nm from as low as 1,700 rpm to 2,700 rpm. The low-end torque of the vehicle can make it do many amazing things. The video clearly shows the car pulls this massive Airplane by some serious distance.


Can every SUV do this?

Well, Ford Endeavour and all new Toyota Fortuner and almost all SUVs with bigger engines having traction control can easily do this. We believe that this is the first attempt by any Indian car maker by going so extreme. To, perform this the driver needs to have immense control over throttle and precise handling skills. The video shows that the Hexa has a very powerful engine, excellent traction and well built to pull an aircraft of this size and weight.

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