Tata Motors Keeping Off 800cc Oil Burner For Time Being, Aiming For A Bigger Diesel Engine?

Tata Motors will no longer use 2 cylinder 800cc diesel engine in their cars. What stands apart from that is, they have a 3 three cylinder 1000cc engine that could possibly find its way in Nano diesel. Well, are they trying to go bigger?

2014 Tata Nano twist side profile

2014 Tata Nano twist side profile

Recent news has concluded that, Tata Motors will not be driving in a diesel engine powered vehicle owing issues related to ‘Economics and Refinement’.

The company which had planned to launch GenX Nano soon had a 2 cylinder 800cc diesel engine aimed at powering the small car has decided to use it against for the time being.

“We need to do significant amount of work on improving the refinement,” Tata Motors Senior Vice President (Programme, Planning & Project Management, and Passenger Vehicles) Girish Wagh told. Moreover, from an economics point of view of both customers and the manufacturer at the current market price of the fuel, odds are heavily against the diesel Nano. “The reason is that as we stand now, refinement is a challenge and what refinement can be given on this kind of a car (Nano) won’t be acceptable to the Indian customer”, he added.


“Economics is also a challenge… When diesel price comes to its natural level, all the price advantage will go. Although it has higher fuel efficiency, meeting higher emission norms in diesel is more costly… Therefore, below a particular price level, diesel making economic sense both for the customer and the OEM is very difficult,” Wagh said


Enlightening more on the technical hurdles, he said: “One of the challenges on diesel engine is refinement. We did develop a 2-cylinder 800 cc diesel engine, which was also used in our commercial vehicle family. When asked if the company has given up on a diesel Nano, Wagh said: “We continue to work on it. We don’t rule out any possibility but currently the refinement and economics for both the customer and the OEM is a challenge.”

Here what specializes in GenX Nano is, the company is offering all the functional needs like power steering, openable boot. In that regard, it also has automatic transmission for city driving and has come up with 24litre tank capacity over 15litre in their previous versions.

Well the larger question is, will all the features assemble one at a time and come in 3cylinder 1000cc? We have to wait and watch the moves.

Source: ET Auto

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