Tata to reveal New Engine soon

Our very own car manufacturer TATA will reveal its all new 1.2 liter Turbo petrol Engine on the 20th of January. Why not wait for the Auto Expo, well we do not have an answer to that.

Tata's media invite

Tata’s media invite

The new engine is an offspring of the Xeta Engine which were employed on the Indica many years ago. Back then, it produced a max power of 65ps. This new block though will up the ante to about 80 bhp.

This figure seems small as the engine will have a turbo charger but Tata has tuned it for lesser fuel consumption rather than just going for power. For comparison, a naturally aspirated MS Swift has a power figure of 85 bhp.

Although we are a little disappointed with the power figures, if it does deliver exceptionally good fuel efficiency and smoothness, all will be forgotten. Tata recently discontinued the powerful version, the Vista D90 but whether this engine will power its replacement is not confirmed as of today.

The engine has a two valves/cylinder head, but another configuration: four valves/cylinder is being developed.

The engine will power the new Indigo- CS and the much talked about Falcon, both of which will be showcased at the upcoming 2014 Auto Expo.

We can say, without a doubt, that this engine will be ready to meet the next generation emission norms. Based  on the feedback the engine performance in real life conditions, it will spawn an entirely new family of engines for the company.

A good engine is not very good unless mated to a equally good Gearbox. Tata has made some changes on the existing gearbox (which definitely needed to be worked upon) for smoother gear shifts.

This is the companys first all new engine after the one designed for the Nano, way back in 2009. This is also the first time the company has designed a Turbo-charged engine on its own. Tata was never really known for its petrol engines. The majority of sales for the company comes from Diesel engines. The company uses Fiats diesel engines in their cars like the Manza and the Vista.

A few cars, like the stunning Linea T-jet and the Polo GT TSI use turbo powered engines, but these are offered as a premium product, for enthusiasts. If the price is right, Tata will have a huge advantage in that category.

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