Tesla Model S P85D with a mindblowing 691 bhp unveiled!

Tesla’s Elon Musk pulled the covers off the new Model S P85D. The new car makes a staggering 691 bhp and even more thrilling 687 lb-ft of torque! The words “Electric cars” and “slow” will never be spoken in the same sentence again.

Tesla Model S P85D Badge

Tesla Model S P85D Badge

The upgrade from the standard Tesla Model S is the new motor up-front along with the one in the back, hence the D for Dual motor. The motor under the hood adds 221 bhp to the 470 bhp rear motor to churn out enough power to make even Ken Block sweat. The rear wheel drive only Model S managed 0-100 kmph in 4.2 seconds but the P85D will reach that in just 3.2 secs. THis does not compromise on the range though, infact it betters it by 16 km to a total of 443 km.

For putting it in perspective, the new Mercedes AMG GT makes 462 bhp and 600 Nm of torque.

Tesla has somehow managed to keep the weight distribution at 50:50 even with the 131 extra kilos of the new motor. The only point a normal, and by normal we mean gasoline, car will get in a one-to-one race is top speed. The Tesla is limited to 250 kmph which is not a new thing for IC engined automobiles.


Tesla Model S P85D Rear

Tesla has also added an AutoPilot system with features like 360 degree Ultrasonic Radar, Image Recognition camera, Long Range Radar, and GPS Data Integration with real-time traffic conditions. The genius behind this, Elon Musk, accepted the fact that Tesla is still a few years away from a self driving car but this is a step in that direction.

Tesla also announced a 60D and an 85D variant, which have two 188 bhp motors each. The 60D can cover 360+ kms with 0-100 kmph covered in 5.7 secs. The 85D will travel a further 112 kms over the 60D and 0-100 kmph is 0.5 secs quicker. The top speed for the 65D is 125 mph and 155 mph for the 85D.



The sticker price for the P85D is $120,000. Its not what you call cheap, but thats the price you pay for doing something so revolutionary.

You can read about Tesla’s Gigafactory here.

Image Source: Jalopnik

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