All Electric Jaguar I-Space hits the production line; Sale starts in 2018 in the US

While people are still drooling over Musk’s Tesla. Jaguar has been digging up real shit. It is nothing else but crazy that the company has played its card so quick and so well, that behind the closed doors it has already developed a new beast which runs on a sheer electric power.

Jaguar I-space SUV hits the production line

Jaguar I-space SUV hits the production line

First Ever Electric SUV

Jaguar has come up with the companies first ever electric offering SUV which also happens to be the second only rolling out SUV from the company. The Vehicle although doesn’t seem to be a convincing SUV but a sheer crossover indeed. But if you look at the facts and consider that the vehicle is suited to electric motors on every axle, then being a four-wheel drive vehicle, it makes some sense to call it an SUV.

Jaguar I-Pace

The Jaguar I-Pace flaunts the electric motors with doing the 0-60kmph mark in 4 seconds. Although for Tesla followers that won’t seem much, it does make a good start for company’s first ever electric offering. Other than that if you compare the I-Pace with any Tesla’s out there, the vehicle has got much to offer when it comes down to interiors and seating of the vehicle.

Jaguar I-Pace Interiors

Interiors on the Jaguar I-Pace come from its recent step sibling the Range Rover Velar. And that sounds to be a very strong plus point for this vehicle. The Battery is slotted under the floor which gives it a added advantage for handling. And also giving it a low center of gravity. Thus for enthusiasts who regardless of driving an electric vehicle, want to explore the corners have their hands full with the vehicle. Apart from that, the overall build quality of the vehicle seems to have a strong game. This happens to be one point where Tesla’s have always lost the game.

Jaguar I-Pace launch

The Company has announced that the vehicle’s production would happen at the Magna Steyr plant in Austria. Although the news comes now, the company has already rolled out some units. The Company has planned to reveal the I-pace at Frankfurt Motorshow in September. The company is planning to deliver it by the end of the year or by the first quarter of 2018.


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