Some Things You Didn’t Know Your Car Could Do.

Driving for miles without a fuel station

No fuel

No fuel(SOURCE)

Did you know driving your vehicle in reverse can make you run it for longer distances than predicted? Even if the fuel indicator is below empty, there Is some amount of unused fuel always in your vehicle, let us see how you can utilize it at times of emergencies and crisis.

No Fuel Warning

No Fuel Warning(SOURCE)

 When we are travelling to unknown places and to stranger cities we often don’t have the knowledge of a fuel station nearby. If inquired, people often misguide us and lead us to mysterious roads. There are often such times when you know you are going to run out of fuel and you have no idea where the fuel station is. There is a solution to situations like this.

How do you utilize the unused fuel?

On countryside’s, the roads go along peaks and elevations which are unpredictable. While climbing on peaks if you are running out of fuel then there is one thing you can do.

Revere driving skills.

Revere driving skills.(SOURCE)

Even if It seems totally stupid and crazy it has helped and proved to be a savior at times. Drive your vehicle in reverse. While driving on peaks, the fuel is forced to accumulate at the bottom of the fuel tank. This is the exact opposite from where the fuel is sucked into the pipes. If you drive the vehicle in reverse then the fuel is accumulated at the point where it is disposed to the carburetor and hence vehicle keeps on running.Even at times of fuel scarcity this technique works. If the fuel indicator shows the fuel tank to be empty, there is always some fuel remaining in the fuel tank.

Logic :

While driving in forward (regular drive) the fuel is forced back to the fuel tanks bottom. If you drive your vehicle in reverse then due to the force and moment of inertia the fuel is forced to be in the opposite direction of the vehicle. Hence it can be sucked by the air pressure coming from the carburetor and vehicle can be driven for an extra couple of kilometers.

Even though everyone can’t drive the vehicle in reverse for such longer time span, but this technique might just save your day.

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