5 things you experience with your first motorcycle

No matter how many bikes or how powerful bikes you buy, your first motorcycle will always remain close to your heart. That is the first time you feel free to do anything and go anywhere. It gives you equal happiness, be it a new bike or a second-hand or a scooter. I got the little Bajaj Platina as my first bike. The bike is so close to my heart, it still stands in my garage in a working after a total use of 12 years by me and my dad. I still ride it. A number of bikes came to me later like the Yamaha R15, Bajaj Avenger, etc. But can replace her spot. This is the kind of attachment that is felt for the first bike. It is an experience that no words can explain. But still, I will try my best to put it right. Let us go with a point-by-point approach.


1) Keys in your pocket – The best and the most simple feeling for the first motorcycle is the feeling of pride in keeping the keys with you! I used to dream, since I was 5 or 6, to keep the keys of a bike in my pocket. It gives a sense of ownership. It makes you realize that the bike belongs to you and only you.

2) The first ride with friends – The first ride on YOUR motorcycle with your friends is very exciting. Be it a ride from home to college or just around your colony. It makes you feel on top of the world. Remember, your first ride? Nostalgic isn’t it!


3) The excitement to ride it the next day – Usually the day on which you get your bike is special. Some religious activity is done. You take your friends on a ride and celebrate. The sun sets while you are busy with theses things. You realize that the next time you ride will be tomorrow after you wake up but the excitement won’t let you sleep. That wait for the sun to rise is very punishing.

4)  The first long ride you take alone – You will take your new bike for a long ride as soon as you get time. But, usually you won’t be able to go for a journey too long in the starting as the family would be worried. However, as time passes you will get a shot to go for a long ride alone, it can be to meet a distant relative who lives at a distance or a to a beach or a highway. This ride which involves just you and your bike, will be the time of your life. It will establish an unbreakable connection with the bike.


5) The new petrol expenses – These are very hard right now with the increasing prices. The petrol expense is a thing that everyone hates. But, filling the tank of your first motorcycle for a few days is a very good feeling. It is the first time you are entitled with an expense that you are supposed to make. It gives a sense of responsibility.

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