This guy drinks water from the exhaust of Toyota Mirai !!!

Cleaner, greener cars are the need of the day. Everyone is trying to cut emissions, downgrading from V12’s to V6 and lesser mortals. The Formula 1 moved from 2.4 liter to 1.6 liter turbocharged units, companies are moving to alternate technologies such as electric cars, solar cars, hydrogen as fuel etc.

Toyota is one such manufacturer who has developed a hydrogen powered vehicle called Mirai, which emits water instead of exhaust gasses. Testing whether the water from the exhaust is potable or not is Vadim Ovsiankin. This bloke is an automotive journalist that has a great YouTube channel. Recently, Vadim Ovsiankin has published an interesting video in which he drinks a glass of water produce from the Toyota Mirai’s exhaust.

Vadim Ovsiankin is laying down under the Mirai and fills a glass of water from the exhaust. Describing the smell of the water as plastic, he drinks it from the glass.

Toyota Mirai Specifications:

Price £56,000 (United Kingdom)

Engine AC electric generator

Power 153bhp

Torque 334 Nm

Gearbox 6-spd automatic

Kerb weight 1850kg

Top speed 180kmph

0-60mph 9.6sec

Range 480 kilometers

Catch the video here:

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