Tokyo Motor Show Concepts Preview: III

Tokyo Motor Show is one of the biggest shows in the automobile space and it will be the place where the biggest giants of the industry will showcase some spectacular vehicles. In the third part in the series we take a look at three offerings from the Japanese and one from the German giant.

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1.Honda FCV 

Going past the FCX Clarity, Honda’s new FCV will have a new fuel cell powertrain, and a bigger interior that can now seat up to five passengers. It will be powered by a fuel-cell electric powertrain, which has an output around 100kW along with an increased mileage. The company is expected to start selling these in the first half of 2016

2. Mitsubishi eX1 Concept


MITSUBISHI eX1 Concept is 100% electric-powered SUV that offers state-of-the-art technologies, AWD system and automated driving systems. The SUV is in one of the may electric concepts being shown, which are expected to be a reality by 2020.

3. Mazda supercar


Mazda shared the following statement about the conceptual coupe:

“The design of the sports car concept to be unveiled in Tokyo is modern but maintains a sense of lineage and authenticity, appearing almost to condense Mazda’s entire history of sports car development into a single model.” 

This model looks to have potential to be one of the best looking supercars of recent times and we cannot wait to see it in flesh.

4. Mercedes Benz Autonomous van concept


Mercedes-Benz has released a teaser sketch for a new autonomous van concept called the Vision Tokyo, which the automaker plans to unveil at this week’s 2015 Tokyo Motor Show. Mercedes calls the concept “a vision for future generations” and says that in addition to autonomous technology the concept also previews the progressive design and luxury that we can expect on the automaker’s future lineup. The motors are expected to be a plug-in hybrid setup combining a lithium-ion battery, hydrogen fuel cell.

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